Everything Reminds Us of Boobies

This project started out as a funny collection of photos, but over time came to include portraits, jokes, random thoughts, and stories about breasts. When we had gathered a decent amount of content we decided to try and raise money for publishing via Kickstarter. The goal of the Kickstarter was to raise enough to have a first run of the book printed to fulfill the orders of campaign backers, extra books to sell and fund future printings, and money to donate to a breast cancer charity, the Feel Your Boobies Foundation. The Kickstarter campaign failed, so we decided to publish the book here for free and ask that if you read it and enjoy it, or even if you don't enjoy it, that you would donate to the Feel Your Boobies Foundation.

Note: Since the Kickstarter campaign wasn't successful this is just a close to finished version of what the book would have been.